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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 10:11:44 -0800 (PST)
Dear past/current/potential contributor to /Communities/,

I'm writing to request your help spreading the word about our new issue (#178, Spring 2018), "Class, Race, and Privilege." For the first time, we are making the digital edition available for download by donation <> of any amount (starting at $0). We are hoping to spread this content--focused on themes of critical importance in today's world--as widely as possible while we experiment with a "gift economy" approach. Please share this news with your friends and networks, however you are able, so that we can expand readership, increase the impact of the magazine and the FIC, and hopefully transition to a new model where expanded donor support for our efforts allows us to offer our resources more freely.

Thanks for however you can help!


PS: The press release (also copied below) is here <>.

*For Immediate Release*
*March 7, 2018*
*Rutledge, MO and Louisa, VA*

*Magazine Focused on Community Race and Class Issues Is Available for Free Download*

In today’s world, it’s rare to find positive and engaging stories that simultaneously expose readers to sensitive topics like race, class, and social barriers and biases. The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), a nonprofit organization with offices based in Rutledge, Missouri and Louisa, Virginia, has produced Communities magazine for the past 25 years, exploring the joys and challenges of navigating such issues together in cooperative groups.

The Spring 2018 edition of Communities, released on March 7, focuses on “Class, Race, and Privilege,” and contains more than 20 articles which look unflinchingly at a major “elephant in the room”—the relative lack of racial and class diversity in most intentional communities, at least in North America—while suggesting ways of understanding and addressing it.

For those who are unaware, intentional communities are essentially planned developments with a purpose, with members who share common social, economic, philosophical, or political interests. These communities come in a variety of forms, including cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative houses, and communes.

The magazine issue’s relevance extends far beyond intentional communities, which serve as microcosms for dealing with these core social concerns. In order to facilitate wider distribution and readership of this issue, the FIC is offering digital copies of issue #178 for free download from <>—including formats compatible with every variation of electronic device. The FIC is soliciting donations to support this offering, but not as a condition of digital issue download.

Authors share stories of obstacles they’ve encountered (from both sides of the privilege equation) and positive steps they and their groups have taken to move toward greater inclusivity and equity. They also reflect honestly on the deep-rootedness of unconscious racism, of social and cultural barriers, of problems of power, privilege, classism, “white fragility,” and more.

To learn more about the Fellowship for Intentional Community visit <> or <>. The FIC is funded by members, donors, and subscribers, and it also offers the public an online community bookstore with hundreds of low-cost and free resources, and a directory for searching for and locating intentional communities across the globe.


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