Class, Race, and Privilege - Communities Magazine - Includes cohousing contributors
From: Sky Blue (
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 07:21:26 -0700 (PDT)
The Spring 2018 edition of *Communities *magazine, focused on “Class, Race,
and Privilege,”
is now available, and includes several articles by cohousing members,
including Coho US Board member Alan O'Hashi.

The digital version of this issue is being offered on a by-donation basis.
With the “digital download” option selected, you can enter any amount,
including $0. While producing each issue still has costs, we want to spread
this content as widely as possible and are experimenting with a gift
economy approach.

This issue looks unflinchingly at a major “elephant in the room”—the
relative lack of racial and class diversity in most intentional
communities, at least in the US—while suggesting ways of recognizing,
understanding, and addressing it. Authors share stories of obstacles
they’ve encountered (from both sides of the privilege equation) and
positive steps they and their groups have taken to move toward greater
inclusivity and equity. They also reflect honestly on the deep-rootedness
of unconscious racism, of social and cultural barriers, of problems of
power, privilege, classism, “white fragility,” and more.

Please share and support as you can, and enjoy!

In community,
Sky Blue

*Executive Director - Fellowship for Intentional Community <>
*Manager - Twin Oaks Communities Conference

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