Experience Hundredfold Weekend May 4-5
From: Fred H Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 21:21:46 -0700 (PDT)
Experience Hundredfold Farm--A Place to Grow!

**It's not too late to sign up for the "Experience Hundredfold"
weekend! The Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community cordially invites
you to spend a weekend with us. If you have ever envisioned living in
an intentional community but weren’t quite sure if such a life was
right for you, here is a chance to “join” and test drive a
cohousing community for a weekend. Other than the cost of your travel
to our farm, it will not cost you a cent. This weekend is on us. Life
is short, give us a test run and see if living in a cohousing
community is for you. If you can't spend the night, come for the day.
Feeling shy?, bring a friend! Help spread the word about this event by
sharing this notice with others.**

**The "Experience Hundredfold" weekend is an opportunity for
interested people to experience a “weekend in the life” of
Hundredfold Farm. While the schedule of activities is compressed into
a couple of days, each activity is a sampling of the type of work and
play that are a part of life in our community. As a member of
Hundredfold Farm for the weekend, we hope you will partake in all the
scheduled activities but we also want you to feel welcome to pick and
choose which activity to participate in depending on your interests
and abilities.**

**Participation in this “weekend in the life” event is by
invitation only and a reservation is required. We are intentionally
limiting the number of participants to ensure that all of our guests
have an intimate experience and do not get lost in a crowd. Most
importantly, we want all of our guests to feel at home at Hundredfold

**If you have questions or would like to make a reservation for this
special weekend, please call Bill at 717-321-0004 or email
info [at] hundredfoldfarm.org.**

**Experience Hundredfold Weekend Schedule**

**Friday, May 4, 2018**

**6pm + Early Arrivals**

**Limited overnight accommodations for early arrivals. Dinner on your

**Saturday, May 5, 2018**

**9a to 10a Welcome & Orientation**

**Introductions. Overview of weekend schedule. Determine what guests
wish to accomplish. Sign-up for activities and meals.**

**10a to 12p Work Party**

**Our Buildings & Grounds Committee will be directing hands-on
activities around the farm. These may include painting, cleaning,
field work, etc. Please bring work clothes and gloves. Optional
activities will be available for those unable to participate in the
work party.**

**12p to 1p Lunch**

**Provided by Hundredfold Farm. Guests asked to help with setup and

**1p to 3p Free Time**

**Time to be still or wander. During this time many of our 10 solar
homes will be open for exploring, as will be our wetland-based
wastewater treatment facility.**

**3p to 4p Committee Meeting**

**Community Committee facilitated discussion.**

**4p to 5p Cohousing History**

**Presentation on the history of cohousing in the US, and the history
of Hundredfold Farm.**

**5p to 6p Happy Hour / Q & A**

**Time to wind down prior to dinner. Drinks and snacks are on us. This
is a good time for checking-in and conversation.**

**6p to 8p Dinner**

**Provided by Hundredfold Farm. Guests asked to help with setup and

**8p to ? Free Time**

**Activity ideas include: community movie, campfire, stargazing, night
on the town, or just hanging out and digesting dinner. Everything is

**Overnighters Sleepover Room for 8 to 10 guests in our private homes
and our common house. Camping allowed.**

**Sunday, May 6, 2018**

**7a to 9a Breakfast**

**Provided by Hundredfold Farm. Guests asked to help with setup and

**9a to 11a Debriefing**

**Check in with guests to see how the weekend went. What could we do
better? Answer final questions. Discuss options for further community

**11a + Walk/Departure**

**Optional property walk. Optional church w/ Hundredfold folk. Hugs.
Guests depart.**

What is the Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community?

**Hundredfold Farm is an intentional community that offers an
alternative to other housing options that tend to alienate and isolate
their residents. The cohousing model we use is characterized by
private dwellings, clustered housing, pedestrian friendly design,
extensive common facilities, and collective decision-making.
Additionally, cohousing communities are generally funded, designed and
managed by their residents.**

**Additional information about Hundredfold Farm can be found at:
http://www.hundredfoldfarm.org **

The Hundredfold Farm Community | 1400 Evergreen Way | Orrtanna, PA
17353 | 717-321-0004

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