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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:31:27 -0700 (PDT)
Ann and all:

Here is the portion of the article in the 4/23/18 on-line edition of the Wall 
Street Journal that
mentions cohousing.   The print edition, entitled "An Eco-Friendly Retirement"  
was shorter
and did not mention cohousing.

(BTW, it was an article about cohousing in a 1999 WSJ edition that first drew 
me to


Meanwhile, it isn´t just 55-plus communities that are focusing on green
living. There is also a growing movement in senior housing known as
cohousing, in which homeowners have their own units but share a common
living space and other resources. Currently, there are about a dozen
senior cohousing communities in the U.S., according to the Cohousing
Association of the U.S.

Charles Durrett, a Nevada City, Calif., architect who specializes in
cohousing units, says "living lighter on the planet" is a big goal for
every senior cohousing community he encounters.

At Village Hearth Cohousing <> , under
construction in Durham, N.C., homes will be clustered on 15 acres,
preserving 10 acres of green space.

Pat McAulay, a member of that community, says that although boomers have
always valued environmental sustainability, "a lot of us ended up
walking the normal corporate path.

"Cohousing," Ms. McAulay says, "gives us the chance to go back to those
things that were really important to us when we were younger. It gives
us a chance to redeem ourselves."


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> Muriel - thanks for this attempt.
> Still have to subscribe to see the article.
> Anyone out there subscribed to WSJ?
> Best --
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