Common Space more or less
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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 07:12:08 -0700 (PDT)
Quimper Village, a senior cohousing community, with 28 households (currently 44 
adults) we have 3 unit sizes: 2 twelve bed/1 bath at 910 sq ft, eight 2 bed/2 
bath at 1195 sq ft and eight 3 bed/2 at 1335 sq ft.  

Size of the common house will depend on what you want to do in it.  Figure that 
out first.  Our common house is about 3000 sq ft.  It includes a glass atrium,  
dining/meeting room, kitchen & pantry, sitting room, laundry, bathroom, 2 guest 
bedrooms and 1 shared bathroom and a 1 bed/1 bath apartment for potential 
caregiver.  We were able to put an art studio, woodworking shop, bike barn and 
storage rooms in garage type buildings.  Much cheaper to construct than the 
common house.  

Be sure to put more storage space in your common house than you think you will 
need.  Plan to store large folding tables and folding chairs.  Plan to move 
tables and stack chairs a lot.  

Six months after move-in we’re still learn how to use our space for multiple 
activities and how to keep it clean enough but not so clean that we’re deterred 
from using  

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> Dear Cohousers,
> We are beginning to evaluate common space plans and preferred apartment
> sizes for CHI (Cohousing Israel), Israel's first Sr. Cohousing project,
> even though we don't yet have a site.  Our experience searching for a site
> so far has indicated that our Cohousing project will likely be an apt bldg,
> due to the very high cost of land in Israel.
> Any insights that other Cohousers may have regarding the size and design of
> Common Space areas is welcome- but first, a few questions:
> many different size units were offered in your community?
> 2.What do you consider the optimal size for common space for 30 units?
> 3. How do you use the common space for multiple purposes most successfully?
> 4. What are your best ideas for use of communal space? TIA!
> All responses are much appreciated.
> Please reply to the Cohousing Listserve or, better yet, directly to:
> Judy Feierstein maavarim2 [at]
> Site and Design Committee
> Cohousing Israel CHI
> -- 
> David Mencher
> 08-9266104
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