who owns the common house?
From: Becca Brackett (ecbrackettcohousing.org)
Date: Mon, 7 May 2018 12:28:32 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Cohousing-L community,

I am wondering if any cohousing group has shared  ownership of their common house with a community organization/non-profit.

The added expense of the commonhouse beyond the cost of the housing units being built seems to be putting the cost of buying a unit much higher than comparable accommodations. I wondered if any community has built a common house that is  owned/financed  by a non-profit  organization, perhaps a daycare  center, a church,  a Senior daycare center, or a College that uses the facility by day making it available to the residents of the Cohousing at night and weekends.

I also think of all the colleges that have buildings Named for the donor of the money to build it- (or named for their choice of honoree.) This might be a way of having the community members  who are well off,  pay for a room in the common house - For instance I could finance the   "Florence Bishop Johnson Music Room" in honor of my Maternal Grandmother who was a  professional organist. If a non-profit owned the common house that could be a charitable donation.  Of course  if the Home-owners own the building it would not be.


Becca Brackett: Bassett Creek Cohousing member,
http://BassettCreek.us      612-588-9532
I am a retired MD, Unitarian Humanist!
I am quilter, gardener, and naturalist.

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