Stone Curves 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom Home for Sale! (Tucson, Arizona)
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Stone Curves Cohousing Community
1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom for SALE

166 E Limberlost Drive #201, Tucson, Arizona.

Stone Curves & Village
This is your chance to be a member of Stone Curves Cohousing
Community. Village 3 is one of our more social villages with 4
children and is the regular host of Monday night dinners in the
Village. We are an active community and are looking for a member who
is community-minded. Visit our website: , where
you can see our community site plan, read our FAQ section and compare
floor plans.

The Home for Sale
1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom, second floor “B” Unit in Village 3. See
below for the floorplan and photos. “B” homes are the smallest
floorplan at Stone Curves at 680 square feet. The floor plan is
well-proportioned with the living space and kitchen in one large open
area and a bonus room off the bedroom. 1 covered parking space comes
with the home. Laundry is provided at Common House. Stone Curves is a
non-smoking community; no smoking on community property. This home
comes with 2 porches and views of the Catalina Mountains from the
front porch. Flooring is cork.

Contact for home details and showings: Kat O’Kelley (owner):
ktokelley [at]

 Photos: The place for sale is the upper left unit. Photos show
Village 3, and the view of the common lawn and common house from
Village 3.


Katalina Jimenez
Stone Curves Cohousing Community
Marketing & Tours
Tucson, AZ 85705
katlinx [at] <mailto:katlinx [at]>
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