Re: Diversity
From: Beverly Jones Redekop (
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2018 14:51:26 -0700 (PDT)
"Pinnacle Cohousing is finally (after years of zoning problems) looking for
members (aiming to have our first stage move in Fall 2019), and one part of
our design is apodments - 3 sharing a kitchen (there will part-time kitchen
steward, probably someone who lives here, but not necessarily, who will
help organize leftovers, kitchen organization, etc.  With designed shared
housing, using a pod model, we may make some of our homes slightly more
affordable.  We also hope to have a few of the units be rentals."

Groundswell Cohousing at Yarrow Ecovillage allowed a pair of
member/investors to build "the quad" which sounds exactly like your
apodments.  Four  units have individual large bathrooms and a shared
kitchen and living room.

It is one of the worst ideas we ever had around here.  We keep burning out
members of the welcome team because it is such a drag to keep orienting the
transient people as they move in and out of the quad.

Adults don't like sharing kitchens and they move out the second they can.

Build bachelor suites with tiny bathrooms and kitchenettes, but this shared
kitchen bother is a source of endless friction and drama.

If you built tiny bachelor suites, residents could still use the common
house kitchen for larger projects when they were in a shared kitchen mood,
but they would have their own little kitchenette for when they want to eat
breakfast in their underwear or when they feel a bit unwell and want to be
able to leave a couple of dirty dishes in the sink for a day or two.

You could also build your two-bedroom units to have dual master suites,
allowing owners to rent out the second master suite as desired.  Two
parties can share a kitchen, especially when one party is the
owner/investor who is choosing and hosting the renter.

Four unrelated parties who all have equal responsibility or lack thereof
for the space....they move out all the time.  They move out as soon as they

Our biggest wish here is for the four owners (none of whom live in the unit
anymore -- see above where I say that people move out as soon as they can)
to coordinate to renovate the quad into two conventional two-story

There is nothing wrong with renters or roommates, but a purpose-built space
is a mistake best avoided.

Beverly, former member of welcoming team, quit because of pointlessness of
welcoming the revolving carousel of the quad

It feels sad to welcome people whom you know won't stay.


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