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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 14:07:06 -0700 (PDT)
Crystal, Phil, et al. - Another factor that has had an impact on home ownership 
are the various ilks of Alien Land Acts. I'm working on a documentary project 
about the demise of the Japanese community in Cheyenne, WY. In 1943, Wyoming 
passed an Alien Land Act that prohibited Japanese from owning land in the 
state. Later, the law was changed that allowed African Americans, Latinx and 
Asians to purchase land on the Southside and Westside - the "other side of the 

To say that white privilege exists and it's okay for WASPs to live with their 
own comfortable ilk, I suppose is okay, but they end up being gated communities.

The majority culture has the power to legislate privilege and de facto 
segregation - witness the latest tax bill and recent actions to separate brown 
families at the border. 

I'm an advocate for cultural competency training, as opposed to "diversity" 
training. I think people intellectually understand the divides among race, 
class, ability, etc., but the question is around how to unwind those deeply 
embedded tapes of the past and change perspectives by stepping out of comfort 
zones and take some risks.

Dominant culture communities who find their ways looking through a culturally 
competent and comprehensive lens - looking at race, class, ability, age, and 
all the other isms - will go along way to bridge cultural divides - but that 
has to be a "higher purpose" agreed upon by the members. I read a lot of 
cohousing community visions and 100percent of them have some reference for 
diversity and inclusion, but do they take actions to implement that goal. 

Alan O.

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