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      I guess the bottom line is that this sounds like a very horrible toxic 
environment for all that seems to offer no amicable solution. Not a place I 
would want to live out my retirement. I hope to find a community that is living 
in peace with its surroundings. Very bad energy surrounding this whole 
situation. Good to know before buying in.

As an architect having practiced for the past 25-years, I have never had a new 
construction project - of any type or scale - that didn't have some degree of 
opposition, along with at least one proponent. This has included community 
centers, multifamily housing, single-family homes, a shed, museum, office 
building, garden, playground, cohousing, etc.

You name it - whatever it is - and it will draw opposition.

To ultimately achieve a community that - in your words - is " in peace 
with its surroundings..." the community will need to take on the associated, 
myriad of challenges that come with change.

We certainly had opposition to our own home, Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing, but 
we're definitely seen as an asset to the neighborhood now. In addition to all 
the cohousing in North America, I understand that even the 24 cohousing 
communities that we spent time with (in the great, social democracy of Denmark) 
faced some degree of opposition as well.


Looking forward to a community meal this evening, prepared by a Korean-American 
resident and lead cook who is appreciated for sharing her culinary heritage 
with the community.

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