4-br Home For Sale in Ashland Cohousing
From: Benjamin Grunde (grunde.bengmail.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 01:42:52 -0700 (PDT)

This rare find is in an ideal location within easy walking distance from
Garfield Park, Ashland High, AMS, Walker, John Muir and Willow Wind
Schools, Rogue Valley Growers Market and much more!

Nestled within a loving and supportive cohousing community, this home
features an open floor plan on the ground floor with ample kitchen space,
stainless steel appliances, gas stove; dining area adjacent to living room
looking onto private backyard with mature grape vine, apple, cherry and
willow trees; bathroom, laundry room and separate office or guest bedroom.

Private back deck contains three-person spa, pergola, and bike shed.

The second floor features three bedrooms, full bath, and playroom / balcony
overlooking the home interior with mountain views from top windows.

This unique home is warmed by radiant floor and passive solar heat in the
winter, and cooled by passive cooling in the summer.

Shared common spaces in the cohousing community such as a community
workshop and a large common garden enable homeowners to maintain a low
carbon footprint while enjoying all the amenities and privacy of their own
home. A large common house features a chef's kitchen for preparation of
large community meals which further enrich the social lives of all
community members. It also contains an indoor playroom, movie projector and
living room for gatherings, and guest room for community guests.



e-mail michael.goodfriend [at] ashlandcoho.com

(For your information and future reference):

*Ashland Cohousing Community Prospective Member Process*

We’re excited you want to learn more about the Ashland Cohousing
Community!  The purpose of this process is to help you discover if ACC is a
good fit and learn if our community’s values, policies, and expectations
resonate with your vision of community living. We’re hoping this will help
you, as a prospective member, make an informed decision about joining our
cohousing community and create opportunities for new relationships and
collaboration. This process is meant to be an enjoyable exploration into
community, allowing us to get to know one another and experience the joys
of living in community. You will be given the phone number of a community
member who will be your main contact, but we also encourage you to meet
with as many members as you can.

*Before Making an Offer*

We strongly recommend all of the following *before *making an offer on a

   - *Read Orientation Packet and Review Website*

If you have not already received an orientation packet from the seller of
the home, the membership team can provide one.  We recommend you read this
and the Ashland Cohousing Community Website thoroughly (and before you have
tea with the group) so you can better understand the values and existing
policies, and note any questions that come up.

   - *Attend one Community Meeting and one Team Meeting*

The business of living in community is accomplished through various team
and whole community meetings. We make our decisions via consensus.  This is
a very central aspect of our community life.  Attending at least one
Community Meeting and one After-Dinner or Team Meeting is essential.
Certainly, the more meetings you attend the more you'll get to know us and
this process.

   - *Attend a Community Meal*

Another key aspect of how we sustain our community is through making meals
and eating dinner together twice a week.

   - *Read a Book and Talk to People*

Cohousing is a concept that is familiar to some, but completely new to
others.  While Cohousing has proven to be successful and popular throughout
the world, it is a relatively new concept in the United States. We
encourage you to talk with people in this and other Cohousing communities.
These books also detail how successful Cohousing communities have been
established and we recommend reading at least one of them.

   - *Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves* by Kathryn
   McCamant and Charles Durrett.
   - *Reinventing Community: Stories from the Walkways of Cohousing* by
   David Wann
   - Attend a Community Tea:
      - Another way to get answers, helpful information, and insight is by
      having tea with the community. Not everyone in the community will attend,
      but we will make sure some households are represented.  We will
do our best
      to make the conversation both informational and personal.
Please email the
      membership team at *membership [at] ashlandcoho.com
      <membership [at] ashlandcoho.com>* with some potential days and times that
      work for you and we will organize this gathering.

*Ashland Cohousing Community Prospective Member Process*

*Once in Escrow*
Once you have entered escrow, there are additional things to learn and know
about living here. We want your transition into the community to be as
smooth as possible and recommend that you do as many of the following
things as you can before moving in:

   - *Understand and Support Existing Policies and Decisions*

This community was formed by a group of people who came together in the
early 2000s.  Over the years we have learned a lot about how to live
together in community and have made many decisions.  New residents are
asked to read over and support all past decisions and our lifestyle
policies.  (You are welcome to do this even before you enter escrow.)

   - *Learn About Consensus*

As mentioned above, we make decisions using a consensus model.  If you do
not have experience with or knowledge of the consensus decision-making in a
group setting process we strongly recommend you read about it
<http://www.consensusdecisionmaking.org>*).  Your buddy will check-in with
you about this.  Once you have a basic understanding, your buddy will
explain specifically how we employ consensus in our decision-making

*We look forward to getting to know you!*

- Ashland Cohousing Community

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