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Hi Michelle
My family lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario (pop. ~300,000).

We first began working on Waterloo Region Cohousing Project about 2
years ago. In advance of our first open, public meeting, I did a
7-minute interview on the CBC Radio local morning drive show. It was a
broad-strokes teaser broadly defining cohousing and talking about
community, sustainability, green construction, CSA, etc.  The next
week we had over 100 people show up at a gathering at the local,
public library. They were from about every walk of life. Over time, we
have whittled the size down as the vision, mission, and values of this
particular group became clearer.

NPR tends to serve a similar demographic to CBC. I don’t know if you
have a local affiliate but we found this was a really useful way of
contacting new and diverse people.

Al Parrish

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