Re: Seeking a month-long rental
From: Joyce Cheney (
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2018 06:56:36 -0700 (PDT)
Well, if Colorado Springs is warm enough for you, you can stay at my place
in Casa Verde Commons, a @17 yr old co-housing community with 34
households, for a month between November and April, for $1400 (sunny, 1600
ft space to yourself). It would definitely be winter, but we're in the
banana belt of CO, and it is *MUCH warmer than outsiders expect, and sunny
all day almost every day*. I decided to move to CO 12 years ago when I came
to visit for two wks. in February and didn't wear my winter coat - just a
hoodie. I have business in AZ this winter, or I'd be here. I'm a retiree,
too. Contact me if this interests you. Joyce

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 7:28 AM ML Burke <ml_burke [at]> wrote:

> I’m a long-time Cohousing advocate living in Metro Vancouver, BC. I did
> Chuck and Katie’s week-long Seniors’ Cohousing workshop in 2011 and
> advocate for more affordable housing and Cohousing in this region. My goal
> this winter is to find a warmer climate near the Pacific Ocean to do some
> writing and exploring. I write a column in two local papers. I’m thinking
> the central or south coast of California. I could afford around $2,000 US
> for a month in January or February.  I’d be happy to contribute to the
> community where I can, such as desktop publishing, cooking, etc. I’m a
> 72-year old mentally active liberal woman keen to experience a cohousing
> community firsthand. I don’t smoke and I have a small (10 lb.) well-trained
> and quiet Havanese dog.
> ML (Mary-Lynn) Burke
> ml_burke [at]
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