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My community (FrogSong) engages in lots of art projects. I recently led a
workshop that resulted in a huge pile of gorgeous collaged cards (photos
here on my blog What to do with them
all? Let’s have an Art Postcard Swap! We can even connect it up with Art
Every Day Month (November)!

How it works:

1.      Each participating community needs an organizer/contact person. That
person should send their contact info (including a mailing address) to me by
October 15.

2.      By November 1, I will send you a list of addresses for you to send
your postcards to.

3.      Make art! Make a minimum of ten postcards. You can use any medium –
paint, photography, fabric, collage, etc. (No buying ‘em at the store!
Unless you alter ‘em, of course.) They must be of a mailable size. You can
do it as individuals, but it’s funner as a group! I will send you a list of
ideas if you need help getting started. Making art together is hella fun!

4.      Mail your postcards by November 31.

5.      Sit back and wait for ten cool, interesting, weird art pieces to
arrive in the mail.

Eris Weaver, Graphic Facilitator & Group Process Consultant
eis [at] • 707-338-8589 •

“On days when you have no ideas at all, the best thing you can do is start
doodling.” Charles M. Schulz

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