Re: emergency plan
From: Jack & Carolyn Salmon (
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 06:53:05 -0700 (PDT)
The actual query was does any community have a plan for a natural disaster or 
potential life threatening emergency/catastrophe.  

Yes, we have an Emergency Prep team which educates members on preparing for and 
reacting to emergencies.  They participate in our county wide citizen-based 
Neighborhood Response Organization,  The biggest potential disaster in our area 
is an earthquake followed by a tsunami.  Because of our location on a peninsula 
that is primarily accessible by ferry and a single highway along major water 
bodies, emergency supplies are important.  

We have a plan for evacuation to higher ground in the event of a tsunami.  Our 
best warning system is door to door; although each household has an emergency 
air horn to summon immediate help for a personal emergency, that would be an 
excellent way to alert the community of a bigger emergency.  

We do have a large propane generator and propane tank to serve our Common House 
in times of power outage.  They are large enough to provide some heat and 
lights for members sheltering in the CH.  

I would think coho communities in areas with high wildfire risks would have 
emergency plans for evacuation.  

Carolyn Salmon
Quimper Village
Port Townsend WA 


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