Good time for collaborating on advertising for coho in Pac. NW?
From: Lynn Dixon (
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 08:46:39 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all,

With the upcoming National Cohousing Conference happening in Portland, OR,
it seems like it is a perfect opportunity to consider some collaboration
marketing for communities in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe a collaboration
among communities and the conference...

Imagine an ad for cohousing, the concept itself and its benefits (TBD), in
targeted to certain specific areas (TBD), with links/contact info for the
groups who finance the ads. It could mention the conference as well,
inviting people to explore the PNW and the communities established and
developing here.

While communities looking for members may feel it is a competition for
drawing new members, the fact is that each person/family looking to live in
community has to find the right fit. Getting the message out about the
benefits of community living, cohousing in particular, benefits all
communities. Inviting potential members to consider your community, and
recommending that they visit others benefits all of us as those exploring
the opportunity better understand that it is really about finding the right
fit - the people, the buildings or plans, the region, and so on.

Are there any groups on this list contemplating marketing these days? The
upcoming conference seems to me to make it a great time to consider
marketing further afield to people who may be interested in this region and
the conference.

Any thoughts?
Lynn DIxon
Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing


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