Re: refrigerator efficiency
From: michael barrett (
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 17:49:31 -0700 (PDT)

May be you've already discovered all this.
Googling? "commercial refrigerators" ? results don't give any efficiency measure? - one needs (capacity cu. ft/annual run cost) to calculate a useful number.

Visiting ? finds commercial***Energy Star* refrigerators which include *annual run costs *- thus enabling an comparative efficiency calculation. i find the efficiencies are?? very similar, often identical to the second decimal place. ?? No one specifies efficiency per se but all give capacity and annual running cost. One needs a calculator for exact answers but cubic feet/annual running cost is a comparative measure of efficiency. Sadly the? Energy Star website doesn't have prices so one has to carry the product make and number to another site for prices. Arrrggghhh! I would expect efficiency to go up as price goes up (for a fixed cu.ft) but I don't see any obvious worthwhile correlation.
Nobody mentions noise levels.
I don't know how big our present frig is.
I? see strange things also on different sites - ? like 2:1 price ratio? for 2 almost identical friges
400 or 500 lbs weight for 2 other almost identical friges.


On 9/27/2018 4:07 PM, Muriel Kranowski wrote:
I think we'll end up buying another commercial fridge as we need the
capacity. My question: How can I find one that is highly energy efficient?
The websites that sell these fridges don't think purchasers care about
this, but we care. It seems that top-compressor types are better than
bottom-compressors in terms of energy efficiency, but maybe are less
convenient to maintain, and inadequate maintenance yields lower energy
efficiency ... another dilemma.

Any specific suggestions as to brands or models will be very much
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