Nov 2 Noon PDT webinar: Insider view on Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy in Pioneer Valley Cohousing
From: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 18:47:28 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Cohousers,

Many communities are thinking about using Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy or
parts of it to improve how they run their operations.

For this Nov 2nd webinar (Noon PDT, 9 am EDT), Sociocracy For All will have
two guest speakers, Amy Freed and Jana Lussier who are members of Pioneer
Valley Cohousing Community and very involved in its governance. Pioneer
Valley has been run on Dynamic Governance for more than 6 years.
Amy and Jana will share how Pioneer Valley's circle structure works, how
they went about implementation, what the typical issues are and what they
have learned.


For transparency: the founders of Sociocracy For All, myself and Ted Rau,
also live in the Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community. However, we thought it
might be useful to have other voices speak to our structure, as Jana and
Amy and not professionals in the field of governance but competent users.

More infromation:
Insider view on decision making. Experiences of Dynamic Governance in the
Pioneer Valley Cohousing community

What does it take to run a community? What are meetings like, who decides
what and how can new people be included? What's different or the same if we
use Dynamic Governance (DG) (=sociocracy) to govern ourselves?

This webinar is part of a series of online events where residents of
sociocratic intentional communities share their stories, about how they
share the work, how they hold their meetings, how they solve conflict, what
they struggle with, what they are proud of and what they have learned over
the years.

The event on November 2nd will have Amy Freed and Jana Lussier, both
long-time residents of Pioneer Valley. Both of them are deeply involved in
the self-governance of their community:

   - Amy is the leader of the Membership Circle, holds the role of the
   community's internal listserv admin, she is the leader of Community Life
   Circle and member of the General Circle.
   - Jana is part of the circle taking care of plants, animals and land,
   and delegate to the General Circle.

They will talk about Pioneer Valley's circle structure, meetings and
learning from more than 24 years of living together and 6 years of
self-governing with DG. There will be a lot of time for questions from
webinar participants.

Pioneer Valley Cohousing in Amherst, Massachusetts, was built in 1994. It
has 32 residential units, a large common house and includes renters and
off-campus members. The community's website is

This event of about 1-1.5 hours will be held on the video platform zoom. A
link to access the meeting will be distributed by email to all registered
before the webinar. For those who miss it, the event will be recorded. To
avoid confusion about time zones, you can display the event time in your
own local time


Other events in the series will be: TREE community in the Ithaca Ecovillage
(date tbd), Cohabitat Québec (date tbd).

We rely on donation to make these webinars accessible to everyone. Please
consider giving a suggested donation of $12 to support the non-profit host
organization, Sociocracy For All.

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez  413-687-5444
, Sociocracy For All <> and  New England NVC
Founding Resident, Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community

To talk to me about sociocracy or NVC, go here:

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