Crowdsourcing - Photographers needed!
From: Karen Gimnig (
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 08:37:29 -0700 (PDT)
As you know, we're getting ready to roll out a new website (hopefully
early in 2019). It will be bigger and better! More inviting and more
informative! Better navigation and more modern design!

!!!! - See how excited I am?!?

One of the elements of this overhaul is that we want to include a LOT
more pictures.

But wait! Our broader community has been very generous and we have
lots of great cohousing pictures.  In particular, we have many, many
pictures of common houses, common meals, joyful kids, common paths,
holidays, parties and performance events.  These are great.  And I
don't really need more - though if you have something particularly
fabulous, you may send it and I'll be glad to receive it.

NEEDED - All the pictures we don't tend to take.  This website will
cover all aspects of cohousing from budgeting to mopping floors, to
collaborative political action, to health and safety . . . Most of
which we don't have photos of.  I'll be sending out requests from time
to time with specific topics needed and feel free to send them as you
have them.

We're looking for pretty high quality photos for a high quality
website.  Phones take awesome pictures these days, so you don't need a
fancy camera, but you may need a photographer's eye.  I'm guessing
that a lot of what I'm asking for will need to be more posed or staged
than candid, though hopefully you can capture something that
authentically happens in your community.

So here is today's assignment:
Pictures of people caring for each other in community.  It's one of
the top things people talk about loving in their communities, but we
rarely take pictures of it - could be delivering a meal, taking out
someone's trash, walking an elderly neighbor to the CH, or maybe you
can capture a childcare handoff.  Or whatever caring behaviors you can
capture visually.

Photos can be shared however you share them.  For one or two email is
great.  I can work from Dropbox.  If you are a google user you can
share through google - even better if you can make a copy and then
make karencohous [at] the "owner". If you send me the name of the
photographer, it will be credited on the website.

Note that photos sent will be shared on website and potentially other
forms of media - all for the fabulous mission of spreading cohousing
in the world!

Thanks everyone.
Karen Gimnig
Associate Director
The Cohousing Association of the US

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