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Our process team came as a result of a retreat with Laird. Our
facilitation team was doing most of these tasks, plus other
organizaitonal work. We create two new teams: process and steering, so
as to get a facilitation team that doesn't have a mandate to both *do*
things and to faciliate the discussion about things.

Here is our mandate

1. The Process team's primary function is to define, refine, support,
and evaluate community decision-making and discussion processes.

define Color Cards
-make sure there are enough, and correct, cards for plenary gatherings

document our community decision-making and discussion processes

define the Process Observer role for plenary meetings
-be available to serve as Process Observers at plenary meetings, in
conjunction with Community support
-coordinate with Member Integration to introduce new people to our processes

support team processes:
-be available to help with process-related issues within a team
-be proactive in helping teams learn about group process and decision-making
-be available to assist teams in developing processes that reflect the
core values of the community
-be available to help teams or individual presenters get items ready
for plenary discussion

arrange process workshops

arrange community retreat weekends

2. Members are chosen by self-selection and are re-affirmed yearly.
Membership in this team requires good communication skills, patience
with discussion that engages at a meta-level, and/or the ability to
get to the details for describing the process. Most team members take
on leading some issues. Members are welcome who cannot make every

3. Team decisions are made by a method documented by the team. We will
post our process on the wiki. This team meets regularly and makes most
decisions in person.

4. The Facilitation and Process Team share an annual budget,
determined as part of the MC budget process.

5. The team will issue reports to the plenary when the team is
developing changes to the community's processes and information about
workshops and retreats.

6. The Process Team works in conjunction with other teams:
-Facilitation to support General Meeting Processes.
-Member Integration to bring new people up to speed with community processes.
-Any team or presenter to help them to be ready for plenary meetings.

7. Power Levels
The team has power level 2 (may bring a proposal to plenary) for
defining and refining community processes.
The team has power level 3 (may post a proposal that moves forward
without objections) for arranging workshops and retreats; and defining
Color Cards.
The team has power level 4 (post independent decisions) about all
other team-related tasks.

8. The Process team accepts input from people not on the team by
email, personal contact, filling out posted surveys, etc. The team can
establish a deadline for input on an issue.


Process Team Decision Making Process
-We make decisions with full consensus of the people at meetings with
at least three people attending. Members can attend remotely. -Most
issues are discussed over multiple meetings and email.
-People who cannot attend regularly are welcome at all meetings and
can be part of the decision-making.
-Occasionally decisions are made by email by the absence of
objections; usually this is simply fine-tuning language for a topic
already discussed.
-Minutes are sent out by email to all of the process team and put on
the team wiki.
-Meetings are set by doodle poll, people have at least three days to respond.

Process Team Reporting to Community
-We are committed to transparency and aim to report out topics that
the team is discussing for future decision making.
-Betsy is the coordinator.
-Any community member can be on the Process email list, whether or not
they come to meetings.
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