Exciting Cohousing Research Network project update...
From: Neil Planchon (neilswansway.com)
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 11:13:11 -0800 (PST)
Hello everyone

I hope this finds you and yours well.  Happy December and Holidays!

As one of the techies on the Cohousing Research Network, I recently took on a 
large project for our global Cohousing community!  I am building an online 
database which will make possible a searchable bibliography of all of the 
Cohousing Research Network’s academic, peer-reviewed Cohousing research papers. 
 We’ve got around 400 now! 

I am very excited to make this move from our current (static) Bibliography page 
to a more elegant AND searchable formatted page.  Researchers, and all our 
visitors, will soon be able to easily search by Author(s), Article Title, 
Published Date, Journal, Language and more, as well as using a keywords, tags 
and categories.  It’s all based on user feedback (Thanks everyone!) and will 
result in one of our main attractions becoming MUCH more user friendly!  

I am currently working with a Wordpress developer who has expertise working 
with databases and the software we recently purchased.  When we are done, our 
dataset will be stored, managed and organized in one place AND displayed and 
made searchable on our Web site. 

I am personally reaching out to ask you for an end of year donation to help us 
fund this exciting project.  Donations to the Cohousing Research Network are 
made through the Cohousing Association’s donation page here: 

Note: Please make sure that you select "Cohousing Research Network” on the 
bottom of the page.  I hope you’ll contribute by making a one time or recurring 
donation - Thank you!

Sending you and yours our very best wishes!

Neil and the Cohousing Research Network team - 
http://www.cohousingresearchnetwork.org <http://cohousingresearchnetwork.org/>
Founding Resident. Swan’s Market Cohousing - http://www.swansway.com 

P.S. Please share this email with others in your Cohousing circle
P.P.S See you in Portland in May 2019 :: https://2019.cohousing.org 

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