Response to Morgan Frost re: childcare issues
From: Rita Bullinger (
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 08:49:00 -0800 (PST)
Hi Morgan!
Here at Germantown Commons in Nashville, we had a childcare policy of sorts but 
it has fallen by the wayside now that we only have one four-year-old child 
living in our community. When we had two children we allocated money after 
conferring with the moms and dad about a healthy wage from our HOA budget. Our 
membership took a lot of time and care in specifically asking for our young 
parents’ input in the drafting and execution of our policy.

However, I think our mistake was in putting the responsibility on the moms and 
dad to find the child-minder and pay her/him and then get reimbursed by the HOA.
What I recall happening is that it was just easier for the parents to not 
attend meetings than go through the trouble of procuring childcare. 
Also, the parents of our newborn basically stopped attending anything during 
the first year of their baby’s birth. And then they moved to another state.
Our loss.

I think parents have too many responsibilities over all. If I get to have any 
say in how we handle childcare in the future, I think I’d ask for a 
child-minder “partner” among the membership who will be the on-the-spot 
arranger of childcare for the parent/s for all of their needs regarding 
participating in community events. That way the finding a childcare person 
would be on the back of the partner who would act upon the requests of the 
parent/s. The partner would arrange for, meet and greet, pay and thank the 
child-minder — essentially do everything regarding the care of the 
child-minder, leaving the parent/s free from all worry and labor.

Also, having a childcare policy in place can act as an assurance to new and 
current members who are parents or want to have children that the community 
cares about this vital and important job. Our members love and welcome children 
and have made our common house childproof and designed a kids’  playroom right 
beside the kitchen and dining room. A few of us have grandchildren and older 
children who while they don’t reside in our community are always welcomed and 

Thank you for your question, Morgan. I hope this has been helpful. Looking 
forward to seeing you and your lovely family again real soon.
Rita Bullinger
Germantown Commons
Nashville, Tennessee
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