sink toilet combos or other water saving toilet options
From: Francy Stilwell (
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 08:29:12 -0800 (PST)

I'd like to know if there are any sink and toilet combos, I have seen
combine sinks and toilets online in Japan, the hand-washing grey water is
the flush water. Does anyone know if we can buy this in the US?  And how
well does it work?

And before I dig into the archives, is anyone using a composting toilet,
I've seen one type at Wolf Ridge Environmental Center in Mn, it was for
their public building, meaning high use, it required several feet of space
for the chambers to fully compost the stuff, not sure if newer versions
have changed much.  Any wisdom?

Best, Francy at Takoma Village Cohousing

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