Nearly 50 communities signed up for Open House Day 4/27. Can you get us there?
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 11:10:21 -0700 (PDT)
Wow. Thanks to your responses, we are on the verge of having 50 communities
on the list for National Cohousing Open House Day, coming on Saturday April
27. Could yours be the 50th? We may get there today.

It doesn't take much, just a commitment to tour by request, a couple of
open hours, a community member or two. You don't even need to have a site
yet; some forming groups are hosting info tables at established
communities, or just gathering at a coffeeshop. We are being a little
picky, though, and only listing cohousing neighborhoods that are in the
Directory section of, but we can help you create a listing if
you haven't done that yet.

States/regions that are particularly under-represented at the moment:
Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin, Central/Southern California
(plus the greater Santa Cruz area), Michigan, and Georgia (and parts of
Oregon, but they have an excuse, for a reason listed below)

Get on the list today:

Raines, your Cohousing Coach and National Cohousing Open House Day volunteer
Here's highlights so far, as inspiration:

14 States represented so far (as of 4/2/2019):

* Alaska (1)

* California (7) The East Bay, near San Francisco, has the most at the
moment (totally a coincidence that I live there, I swear! ;-) ), but we
know that a couple North Bay communities are seeing what they can do, and
there's great options in the Sacramento area. What's especially exciting to
see here is forming communities organizing group trips to established
cohousing neighborhoods. Just added: 3 communities in and around Oakland.
And the country's only cohousing neighborhood with an ocean-going dock
(maybe next year we'll offer a cohousing cruise.. several other nearby
groups are within walking distance of the shore. Perhaps as a bonus we can
hear from a representative of the Seasteading movement, which wants to
create offshore floating cohousing-inspired communities).

* Colorado (3) Now reaching beyond the Boulder-Denver axis, with Colorado
Springs in the mix. Boulder communities, you are under-represented here.
And I don't yet see any of the lovely communities across the Rockies yet.

* Connecticut (1)

* Iowa (1)

* Massachusetts (5) Just added: one more Boston-area community; another
expected shortly. In the works with the New England Cohousing MeetUp group:
an organized self-guided tour

* Minnesota (1) The state's sole built community, located in the
Minneapolis suburbs, is expanding, so really it should be in both the
Resident and Building categories.

* New Mexico (1) Coho/US Executive Director Karin Hoskin is visiting area
communities; perhaps she can get some more onboard.

* North Carolina (7) Currently the leader in percentage of communities
participating. Among states with more than one cohousing neighborhood, that

* Oklahoma (1) is the place to be, with the sole built community there
saying "if you sign up, we'll do a tour for you." With that kind of
hospitality, we have to agree with the statement, 'Oklahoma is OK.'

* Oregon (3) What better way to warm up for the National Cohousing
Conference? Note that some Portland-area communities are not hosting open
house day events this year, because they're focussed on welcoming folks
coming to the conference, both on the pre-conference tours and
post-conference open houses.

* Pennsylvania (1) Not just open house day, but the following weekend a
two-day Cohousing Experience weekend with sleep-over/camp-out options at
Hundredfold Farm.

* Utah (1)

* Washington (4) Both urban and rural, forming and established, Including a
"Cohousing 101" talk at the nation's narrowest cohousing community -
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing is just 20 feet wide! But deep, in all the
senses of the word.

Development State of the hosting group:

Forming: 3 (Groups without a specific site yet, sometimes gathering at an
established community)
Building: 10 (some meeting at the construction sites, or nearby)
Resident: 31 (established communities that may or may not have openings for
rent or resale, but would love to meet you and let you see what cohousing
means to them)

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