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    Do any communities have any experience, policies or issues with trampolines
    in a resident's "exclusive use area" i.e. private backyards?  
One of our families, with 3 fast growing boys, put up a trampoline behind their 
house. It is in the common area, and they took the approach of "asking 
forgiveness rather than approval."  And no one complained!,  at least not 
publicly.  The kids love it! It is nicely nestled in a place that feels 
private, but with lots of eyes on. 

IMHO, if those of us want who live in intergeneration communities, want to keep 
and attract families with kids, we need to be willing to make reasonable 
accommodation for kids play.... fort building, bike jumps and trampolines are 
the kinds of play many remember as favorite childhood memories....but the 
insurance companies and attorneys would likely tell us to forbid such things. 
Let's not let the fear of liabilities ruin kids play.  Life is full of risks, 
and one of them is the risks of growing up being better at video game play than 
creating your own play in the great outdoors. 
Kathryn McCamant, President
CoHousing Solutions

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