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We maintain a Decision Log that describes all the decisions we have made as an HOA in a General Meeting. If someone needs to know what a policy is and it's not in the Master Deed or the Bylaws, one can find it in the decision log. And basically, if the would-be decision is in neither of those documents, then we actually have not made it.

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Alan ?

I?m not anyone?s legal expert, and am unqualified to advise you about bylaws. But I think you?re on the right track. At Cornerstone, we?re working on the same problem, and have tentatively concluded that the bylaws (hard to change) should be as simple and general as possible. As much as possible, we want to govern ourselves via the ?policies? (which other, more conventional HOAs would call ?rules and regulations?). The policies are relatively easy to change, as community experience and values evolve. Just keep in mind ? It?s the "fine print" that really counts; the fine print is where everything truly important is encoded.

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We are rewriting our declarations and bylaws. We?ve been working with an HOA attorney who has been advising us about the minimum specificity necessary to comply with state law and then refer to particular community policies for the ?fine print.?


Alan O

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