Re: Conference intensives registration
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2019 22:05:30 -0700 (PDT)
Linda -

Great questions! I'm not on the conference planning team, but I will be a
volunteer and presenter onsite, and I know some people presenting
intensives, so I can pass you the latest I've heard, unofficially:

> one of our
> members is attending as our representative. She would like to attend
> some of the Thursday/Friday intensives. How does she sign up for them?
> The website looks like you have to go through the regular process first
> and pay for your registration, which is already included with the
> sponsorship.

My understanding is that shortly registration for intensives will open up
to all, not just conference registrants.
*UPDATE* Since I started writing this Tuesday morning: Coho/US just did a
broadcast confirming that registration for just intensives and tours opens
up Wednesday, May 1. That's tomorrow in most time zones.

(Removed description of a temporary workaround no longer needed)

Tip: Do use the correct name of the person registering for the intensive,
as I understand that it is a major administrative pain to change
registrations between people.

> Also, community sponsorship doesn't include attending the plenaries
> (hardly seems fair) but can she attend without eating the meal or can we
> pay extra for the meal?

I'm pretty sure this is an effort to keep the limited number of plenary
banquet seats available for paying customers, which is important as the
conference is so popular this year that they are literally running out of
available seats at the tables.

At other conferences, there is often room on a space-available basis to
join, or seats on the side for non-eating participants; I don't know how
they are handling it for this conference.

> I wrote back asking these questions but received
> no answers.

Which email address did you use? There is a chance that the email didn't
make it through; the backup contact office [at] may work if mail
doesn't get through some other way.

Raines Cohen, Coho/US Volunteer and Cohousing Coach, Cohousing California
(at Berkeley Cohousing)
Still recovering from a very-busy National Cohousing Open House Day and
eager to hear your stories and share your photos.

P.S. If you can, stick around for at least the Monday after the conference,
I'm working with some EcoVillage organizers from all over North America,
and City Repair's Village Building Convergence, on some cool follow-up
conversations and presentations.

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