Apology for hard-to-hear Webchat; news about re-recording
From: Diana Christian (dianaic.org)
Date: Thu, 2 May 2019 08:25:52 -0700 (PDT)
Hello everyone,

        Thank you to those who tuned into the Webchat, “Dealing Effectively 
with Especially Challenging Community Members,” last Monday night. 
        And I really apologize that the Webchat was so hard to hear. And 
apologize that I mistakenly thought it was 90 minutes long, and took up all the 
time sharing some suggestions so we didn’t get hear from participants. I feel 
quite embarrassed about that. Please forgive!
        The good news is that I’ll be recording an hour-long presentation on 
this topic (now that I know it really takes an hour to share it). Karen Gimnig 
will introduce the recording and follow up at the end, so it will look and feel 
more like an actual WebChat. The link will be posted here.
      I’ve asked Karin to send me the Chat comments from the WebChat so I can 
build responses to the comments and questions into my rerecorded presentation. 
So that I can respond to what participants would have said if they _could_ 
      I’ll be sending Karen the first two handouts from that topic for people 
who were there, and later will send her the last two. 
        Diana Leafe Christian

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