Re: Online meal sign up software?
From: Sean Davey (
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 07:01:17 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Sandy,

Mosaic is online software for meal sign up and much more, see <>

Some of the features:
facebook-like news feed
unlimited calendars with reminders and sign ups
contact list of people and households with bios and pictures
groups/teams/committees with calendars, documents, minutes, etc.
support for subgroups (useful for sociocracy)
unlimited email lists
document storage and organization
decision making module with support for proposals, agendas, meetings, online 
voting, history, etc.
work tracking
photo gallery
online discussions
online surveys
shared lists (e.g. lost and found, recommendations, recipes, movies)
full accounting system (with automatic invoicing of meals, guest room usage, 
HOA dues, etc.)
common meal calendar integrated with accounting and full reporting
private household pages with contacts, notes, recipes, todo list, accounting 
history, common meal history
private household calendars
hosting of a site and all customization/programming to match your community's 
system are all free.


> Does anyone use and on line sign up for common meals?  If so do you
> know if there is one made that we could purchase?
> Thanks,
> Sandy

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