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Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 17:21:33 -0700 (PDT)
For a non-corporate, cooperative option try

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> > We're looking for a new web host for our website.  We're considering
> > HostGator which has good reviews and reasonable cost.  Anyone have
> > experience with them, good or bad?   Thanks.
> I’ve never used Hostgator but there are many reviews of “best web hosts”
> out there. What is best for you depends on what skills you have in the
> community and what you use your site for. If you have a few stable pages
> and it serves more as a way to find you, then pretty much any host is fine.
> Lowest cost.
> If you have a more complex site that changes often and used by members for
> cohousing events, etc, then look for speed, which may mean the second level
> up of hosting.
> If you don’t have any  geeks, you need good support. Quick and willing to
> stick it out until they have fixed the problem.
> We have used Bluehost for years but recently downgraded to their beginning
> level  — speed is the wrong word, quicksand is more like it. So second
> level up is much better.
> I use Siteground. Their help pages are good, support is wonderful — I love
> chats. They include many  services as part of the package and install their
> software for caching and optimizing. you can turn it off but it is probably
> better than anything else you would use. I use Wordpress and they have
> special support and attention to wordpress. They also do things like warn
> people about problems, or possible problems. No one has ever done that.
> Look at the second year of charges — the intro rate is only one year. The
> difference of $2-5 a month is not worth it for a slow site and poor support.
> Be sure to put your address on the website (search the archives on that
> subject.)
> Sharon
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