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From: Sheila Hoffman (
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 07:43:02 -0700 (PDT)

As Sharon correctly pointed out there are many good hosts and many different
needs. Before you decide where to go, why are you moving? And what are YOUR
unique needs?

Do you have email through your hosts? If so, how many and are they just
forwarders or can you send from those addresses. If you'd doing email you
might consider not being on shared hosting because your email can then be
falsely marked as spam due to others on the same server. 

Are you rebuilding your site or just moving the current site? It doesn't
appear to have high storage or bandwidth requirements.

Do you need tech support or is it just sitting there?

One thing to know is that a large number of the less expensive hosts are all
part of a huge conglomerate that I would suggest you avoid. HostGator and
BlueHost are both on that list. You can read about it and why you might want
to avoid them here: 

I'm a website developer and have hosted my client sites at many places since
2001. As Sharon mentioned, SiteGround is one of the good guys. I have 50+
clients hosted with them. Their tech support is phenomenal (live chat,
tickets AND phone). If you decide to go with SiteGround and don't already
have someone's affiliate link I'll share mine. If you click this link
when you sign up I get a tiny one-time fee. 

If you're coming to the Cohousing Conference there will be a Birds of the
Feather group on tech and many opportunities to connect with folks about
this subject, including me.
Hope that helps.

Sheila Hoffman
(206) 726-0598
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing

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