Very First Meeting
From: frances woolison (
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 08:52:01 -0700 (PDT)
Our forming group has held several information sessions in Winnipeg, where 
cohousing is virtually unheard of. (Hopefully it is gradually becoming a more 
familiar concept!) Our average attendance has been about 50. You have an 
advantage in that cohousing is familiar to those on the west coast. 

We have found it very helpful to provide visuals along with discussion of what 
cohousing is and is not. I would suggest including the CCN video on cohousing, 
featuring Cranberry Commons, Windsong, and Queyside. We also have used Grace 
Kim's TED talk on cohousing, available on YouTube. We sometimes open with the 
cute video, narrated by a child, called "What Is a Home", produced by Belterra 
Cohousing. They have all been well received and have helped clarify our vision 
for the audience. Having the Durrett/MCamant books available for browsing also 
adds credibility to your presentation. We provide a sheet of online resources ( 
websites of the Canadian and American cohousing associations etc.)  and a list 
of books on cohousing.

Media coverage is hugely helpful so do  contact your local radio and TV 
stations, as well as daily and weekly newspapers, with a media release 
describing your plans.

Good luck!

Frances Woolison
Prairie Rivers Cohousing

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