Heartwood Phase 2 Moving Forward
From: Mac Thomson (macthomsonmac.com)
Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 13:37:21 -0700 (PDT)
Caution, shameless promotion ahead...


After many years of patience (and some frustration to be honest), Heartwood 
Cohousing has been able to successfully work with the Colorado Department of 
Transportation to improve our highway intersection and thereby obtain an access 
permit making it possible to move forward with the development of the second 
phase of Heartwood Cohousing (after almost 20 years of waiting).

I thought that there may be some subscribers to coho-L who would be interested 
to learn of this update.

Besides getting our access permit from CDOT, the other big news is that we have 
now opened Associate Membership for Phase 2. See the attached newsletter update 
at the bottom of this email.

Please let me know you have any questions or would like to be added to our 
current database.

To learn more about Heartwood Cohousing, please visit our website at: 

Yours in Community,

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing
Phase 2 Project Manager


> Heartwood Phase 2 Update
> <https://heartwoodcohousing.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=251ede0780aec1d2eccc16bff&id=b466b2d11d&e=82b71ba55b>
> Nine Associate Members On Board
> This past Wednesday I sent out a newsletter rolling out Associate Membership. 
> We have had a very strong response and now have nine Associate Member 
> households and counting. This is great news. Obtaining County approvals and 
> recruiting enough members are the two big hurdles we must overcome to make 
> Phase 2 a reality. Having nine Associate Members at this stage in the process 
> is very encouraging.
> In case you missed that newsletter, here are the details of Heartwood Phase 2 
> membership.
> Membership in Phase 2 will basically happen in two stages:
> Associate Member - $1000 fully refundable deposit saves you a spot in Phase 
> 2, the lot selection queue, and the carport selection queue
> Full Member - $12,000 non-refundable deposit holds your spot in Phase 2, the 
> lot selection queue, and the carport selection queue. Because Full membership 
> involves a large non-refundable deposit, I won't be asking you to make that 
> commitment until more Phase 2 details are nailed down, including County 
> approval of our Conceptual Development Plan and a firm estimate of lot and 
> home costs (probably around yearend). Once Full Membership is available, 
> Associate Membership will go away. Associate Members at that time will need 
> to make the non-refundable deposit or lose their place in the queue.
> The benefits to you of becoming an Associate Member...
> Provides you with a no-risk way to save your spot in Phase 2. Associate 
> Member deposits are fully refundable at any time for any reason. If you 
> change your mind and decide you don't want to be an Associate Member, I will 
> promptly refund your entire $1000 deposit. Saving your spot in the queue is 
> important because if there are 15 households that want to buy a Phase 2 lot, 
> but only 10 lots are developed, the first 10 in the queue will get to buy 
> them.
> Saves your place in the lot selection queue. The lot selection queue 
> determines the order in which members will choose their lots. Not all lots 
> are created equal. Lots will be priced based on size, amenities, location, 
> etc. so getting to pick your lot sooner means more choice about price, size, 
> amenities, location, etc. The sooner you sign up, the earlier in the 
> selection process you'll get to choose your lot.
> Saves your place in the carport selection queue. This is the same as the lot 
> selection queue, but it pertains to selecting carports instead of lots. 
> Members signing up earlier get to choose first.
> You'll be invited to participate in onsite Associate Member workshops and 
> provide input into various aspects of the Phase 2 design.
> The benefits to us of having Associate Members...
> Gives us a clear idea of who is seriously interested in pursuing Phase 2 
> Membership. Before moving forward with expensive development work, we need to 
> know that there is strong interest.
> People seriously interested in Phase 2 providing us with design input is a 
> valuable resource and helps ensure that Phase 2 will be built in a way that 
> best meets the needs of its future residents.
> If you are seriously interested in being part of Phase 2, but are concerned 
> that with nine Associate Members already in line there might not be a spot 
> for you, don't be discouraged. Once Full Membership opens up and the $12,000 
> non-refundable deposit is required, there will certainly be some turnover. If 
> you are seriously interested, I'd strongly encourage you to get in the Phase 
> 2 queue by becoming an Associate Member. Chances are there will be room for 
> you.
> To become an Associate Member...
> Respond to this email letting me know you have decided to become an Associate 
> Member.
> Mail a check for $1000 or make arrangements with me for some other form of 
> payment. Checks should be made out to Tara Development and mailed to Mac 
> Thomson, 800 Heartwood Lane, Unit 16, Bayfield, CO, 81122. The order in which 
> payment is received determines the order in the queue.
> I realize that this is a big step forward and I want you to have all of your 
> questions answered. If you have any questions that are making you uncertain 
> about becoming a Phase 2 Associate Member, please don't hesitate to reply to 
> this email with your question or give me a call at 970-903-9751 
> <tel:970-903-9751>.
> Yours in Community,
> Mac
> Phase 2 Project Manager
> Click here to visit the archive of our Heartwood Phase 2 Update newsletter. 
> <https://heartwoodcohousing.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=251ede0780aec1d2eccc16bff&id=eea86f66c3&e=82b71ba55b>

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