Posting for Cohousing Contacts in Vauban-Freiburg, Germany or Strasbourg, France
From: Francy Stilwell (
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 10:38:06 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Cohousing community,

Does anyone have a contact for housing in the the Vauban, car-free,
Cohousing Community or in Strasbourg, France, if so, could you read our
inquiry, maybe you could help us.

Greetings, my name is Francy and I live in Takoma Village Cohousing in DC
with my spouse Kenny and daughter Amelie.  We will be visiting our German
cohousing friends Jutta and Jürgen and their three young children Roman,
Mascha and Jovan in Germany.  They lived at Takoma Village when Juergen was
doing research through the German Historical Institute. We became good
friends and felt fortunate to work and play together at Takoma Village and
we are eager to connect with them again this summer.

We will be in Germany from July 14 until July 25 and we plan to do some
hiking and biking in the Freiburg area and possibly in Strasbourg, France.
We would like to visit Vauban and would like to experience cohousing life
there, we would be willing to do work and to play and help out if there are
community meals.  Would it be possible to rent a house or some rooms there?
We could also offer a housing exchange in which someone could come to
Takoma Village in DC. We have two guest rooms that can be reserved with
advanced notice for a very small donation.  Would it be possible to post a
request seeking two cohousing units for 4 to 7 nights from July 14 - July
25? We could give you references and also more information about us.

Briefly, I am a sign language interpreter and I work at the University of
Maryland, Kenny teaches Oboe and Music Theory to kids. Amelie is 4 and a
half, rides a scooter and loves her cohousing community.

I look forward to talking with you to see if we might be able to arrange a


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