shared laundry
From: audrey (
Date: Tue, 21 May 2019 11:24:36 -0700 (PDT)
At Winslow Cohousing, there were 3 washers/3 dryers for the 30 households, and 
I think about half had their own washer/dryers at home, and half used the 
common laundry while I was there.  I don’t think having shared laundry 
particularly created community,  it was more trying to be doing laundry when 
nobody else was there, or dealing with problems that others created.  They 
charged for wash and dry, self reported, used money to buy appropriate 
detergent, so it wouldn’t clog the machines,  pay the community for  
electricity, , and to pay for repairs I believe.  Equipment itself was paid for 
by community, as it was also used to do kitchen/guest room laundry and 
occasional use by those with their own machines.  Hard to find front-loading 
machines that could stand up to the abuse the community created (as listed 
before in other emails).  Also had outdoor clothes drying racks right by door 
of common house laundry. Keeping it clean and neat was a person’s job, even 
though all were supposed to pick up after self.  I guess additional meetings to 
manage the laundry (laundry users group) could be seen as creating community, 
but everyone pretty much saw each other at all the other meetings anyway.
At Capital Hill Urban Cohousing we have 1 shared washer/dryer set, about 4 
families use it, plus the kitchen/guestroom, all have hookups in units, mostly 
chose not to purchase own equipment for cost. (and then the space the washer 
dryer takes at home can be used for storage).   Also there, don’t think having 
shared facility creates community, other than the texting to ask whose laundry 
is in dryer, and scheduling usage next.  It probably does reduce environmental 
factor of buying so many machines.  

Capital Hill Urban Cohousing - 3 years
Winslow Cohousing-  19 years 
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