New Website!
From: Karen Gimnig (
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 09:00:41 -0700 (PDT)
The Cohousing Association is thrilled to announce that the new
website is available for your enjoyment and information.

The most-loved aspects of our trusty website are recreated in the new
version, though they look a little different and the navigation is
different.  Some pieces are still being moved over.  If you miss the old
site, you can still reach it at

Even better, the new site has many new features, with more to come, that we
are excited to share with you.  You will notice the new design right away
and we hope you will find the navigation to be easier.  In addition we have
added new sections on What is Cohousing? and Why Cohousing?  to the home

There are some things we would especially encourage you to test drive on
the new site as you explore.
- If you love cohousing, enjoy the new site and want to be part of the
ongoing growth of both, we encourage you to try out the Donate button and
become an Evergreen Neighbor.  This new initiative, which offers the
opportunity for individuals to make large or small monthly donations to
CohoUS, will give us the consistent support we need to continue growing
cohousing for years to come.
- Check out our Advertise <> page for new
options to partner with CohoUS to grow your community, sell your resale
homes, or expand your cohousing professional business.  We even have a new
ad category for cohouser-owned businesses. (Whatever your business might
be, we invite you to share it with the cohousing community.)
- If you haven't found your community yet, you now have the option to post
yourself as a Seeker on our new, free Seekers directory.
- There are many new content pages - go exploring. There is much work yet
to do in this regard, but we think you will enjoy the information available
now as well as our vision for more to come.

We are aware that the site is not perfect and we are continuing to work on
it every day.  That said, we value your feedback.  If you have a problem or
see an error with any aspect of the site, feel free to respond to this
email or use the Contact Us button on the website and let us know what you
are seeing.  We'll address it as soon as we are able. (Which probably means
sometime after conference.)

Enjoy the new  It represents the collaboration of many
people over the last year, and hundreds more over decades that have paved
the way, shared their knowledge and built the foundation for the amazing
movement we all have today.  Thank you to one and all!
Karen Gimnig
Associate Director
The Cohousing Association of the US

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