Re: New Website! - clickable links and current directory info
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 16:48:30 -0700 (PDT)
As of May 23, 2009 is a new web site
(some details about the old vs new appearance below ** )

I've long thought the directory was the most useful thing at

Note that currently the "nice" URL:
which you may have links or bookmarks to goes to a rather unhelpful page
ABOUT the directory.  To get to the new directory click these links :
>From new site click on
>Directories >Communities      or  go directly to

Hopefully the nice directory URL will soon be
redirected to go to the new directory.  Another new path:
>More >Find it >Directory   currently goes to the nice URL and to
the unhelpful page.

Note that you can get to the old directory via the "oldsite" link below
or via a link to it currently at the top of the new directory page.

You may want to go back.
Currently the new directory allows listings to be in order of name or City
but seems to lack state information and a way to sort by state
which was the primary way the old directory was organized.
Also the old "status" (Recently mostly "Established" or "Forming" )
has been replaced by simply "Community" .
It is a work in progress.

If a community wants to be listed at both and at,
will they need to maintain two listings?

** Some details about the old and new sites:

"Old site" description:

Main menu near top of pages  ( white words on black )  :
Resources  What is Cohousing?  Cohousing Directory    [continued:]
Connecting with Cohousing  Classified Ads  Contact Us  My account
It can still be reached (don't know for how long) via

"New site" description:
Main menu across top of pages  ( [....] = image/icons (green) )  :
[cohousing]  About Directory Classifieds Donate More  [home] [search]


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