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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 15:32:13 -0700 (PDT)
For a long time, my spellchecker insisted on substituting “choosing” for 
“cohousing”.  Turns out the article is about as hilarious if you put “choosing” 
in for all the “cohousing” references.

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>> On Jun 11, 2019, at 1:43 PM, Ann Zabaldo <zabaldo [at]> wrote:
> This is wonderful. I think we need a gallery on the website of all these. 
> “Cohousing" is used 65 times. I don’t think spell check switched with 
> “cohabitation."
> My favorite sentences:
>> Finally, it is now well established that microbiota can be horizontally 
>> transferred from one mouse to another by simply cohousing the animals. 
>> During cohousing, animals may feed on feces (as a result of coprophagy) or 
>> ingest feces by self-grooming. Cohousing is now a widely accepted method for 
>> normalizing microbial communities; it is a simple and convenient approach, 
>> which allows for separately breeding distinct mouse lines and then cohousing 
>> upon weaning.
>> Our results show that cohousing results in near-complete normalization of 
>> the fecal microbiotas of the mice within 28 days, with the majority of 
>> bacterial OTUs normalized after 7 days of horizontal transmission. However, 
>> our studies do not rule out that the possibility that differences in the 
>> microbiota composition may exist at other specific locations or niches 
>> within the intestine even after cohousing.
> The lesson is that unless you want to change your biome, don’t each each 
> others feces.
> I think you have to respond Ann. This is like impeachment — clearly a 
> violation but is it worth it. I think the authors might be embarrassed down 
> the line. Though it looks like a print publication so they may be stuck.
> Sharon
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