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At Trillium Hollow we have a Positive Engagement Team (PET), whose
mandate is to nurture the growth of a culture at Trillium Hollow in
which community members engage with one another in positive ways to
work through conflict. PET will do this by supporting education and
training, and by working directly with members experiencing conflict
in the community.

When working directly with conflict in the community PET and/or its
members will:

o Listen empathically to members and/or teams and help them clarify
their     issues/concerns and establish a communication channel that
would be useful in resolving the issue,

o Help any individual or team in dispute to gain access to a coach or
facilitator that is mutually agreeable to both parties,

o Act as a facilitator or mediator to resolve conflicts,

o Assist members or teams to seek professional help in mediation or
facilitation when necessary.

To build community capacity for positive engagement with conflict, PET

o Establish a list of qualified and interested community members
willing to serve as coaches, facilitators and mediators,

o Organize ongoing education opportunities for learning effective
communication and conflict resolution,

o Introduce a set of processes to the community that provide basic
conflict communication frameworks. Community members and the PET will
draw from these frameworks to design a process uniquely suited to each
conflict situation,

o Collaborate with the Meeting Agenda Planning group to bring issues
to the plenary for consideration and action where appropriate.

We do not have the level of specificity that Mac describes for the
group at Heartwood, so I feel grateful for this thread as a sharing
space for what others are doing or aspiring to do.

Helen Spector
Trillium Hollow
Portland Oregon

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