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Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:47:00 -0700 (PDT)
My husband says "Building a home with TeslaWallboard is a stupid idea".

He's a business analyst and journalist focused on the auto industry (senior
auto specialist at the Motley Fool).  He has been watching Tesla closely
for years, and believes they are careening towards collapse, which would
leave anything with a Tesla product (a car or a power supply or any other)
without support or access to specialized parts.

He notes that they just laid off everyone in their solar power division.

Here's his most recent piece on Tesla:

(Obligatory spousal promotion: this is his main page for all the news that
fits to print on the auto (and related) industries:

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> > I'm working with S2A Modular on a feasibility study for a duplex. They
> do custom modular homes. S2A Modular – Electrically self-sustaining, custom
> luxury homes
> Their construction cost is low $165 per square foot as a starter. That
> doesn’t include land or sewer or water, I assume. Have you talked costs
> with them?
> And they have a number of units that are ~900 SF. They use the Tesla power
> unit and have independent electricity generation. Sounds iffy.
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