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Another resource for modern cost-effective small cottages: 

I have met Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the founders of this effort, and he is the 
real deal.

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Sunnyside Village Cohousing in Marysville, WA, is pleased to announce that this 
week the City Council unanimously voted to approve code amendments that allow 
cottage development at double the conventional density in any residential zone. 
 What this means for us is that we can build 25-30 (more like 25) small 
detached homes plus a 3000 sf common house plus outbuildings on our 4.75 acres 
and still have room for a 1/4 acre garden.  Now we’re looking for good cottage 
designs.  Cottage is defined in the code having a 800 sf footprint and maximum 
1200 sf.

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