2020 Events - your input needed now
From: Karen Gimnig (karencohousgmail.com)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 06:16:55 -0700 (PDT)
The Cohousing Association would love to hear your input for our 2020 event
planning. We will be sponsoring several local or regional events throughout
the year. Each will be 1-2 days. They will be smaller than conferences, but
with many of the same elements - great people, good food, tons of
information and tours. We need to know from you, what would you like to
see? Where would you like to attend such an event? Might you be willing to
help organize an event? Events can be hosted by established communities,
forming communities, or even groups of seekers who just want to bring more
coho info to their neck of the woods. What we need now is to hear from you.
Comment here, send an email to karencohous [at] gmail.com or
karincohous [at] gmail.com, or fill out this form:

Karen Gimnig
Associate Director
The Cohousing Association of the US

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