Re: Policies and procedures for community workshop,
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 07:49:21 -0700 (PDT)
We are a rural community with a large and well equipped workshop. Here is the 
sign posted in our workshop.


Almost all of the tools and materials in the workshop are privately owned. 
Please get permission before using someone else's tools or materials.

Tools marked with fluorescent green paint indicate that the owner has made the 
tools available for community use. Most of the community use tools are located 
on the COMMUNITY workbench (with the pegboard on the south wall). Community use 
tools may be borrowed (removed from workshop) for only 1 day.

Major power tools (table saw, drill press, chop saw, planer, jointer, band saw, 
etc.) are available only to Guild members.

Materials on the COMMUNITY shelves in the southeast corner of the workshop are 
available for anyone to use. There is also lumber available for anyone to use 
on the fluorescent green bunks in the Boardroom.

Please store tools and materials in the workshop ONLY if they are:

Private tools and materials should be stored under the workbenches, on the 
shelves labeled “PRIVATE” in the southwest corner of the workshop, or on 
private bunks in the Boardroom. Do not store tools or materials on top of 
workbenches. Please leave the tops of workbenches available for others to use.

Please store projects in the workshop ONLY if they are:

If they fit there, projects should be stored on the PROJECTS bunks on the north 
wall. Otherwise please store them as out of the way as possible so that work 
space is left open for other shop users.
Close all workshop doors when not in use. Unplug tools and retract blades when 
not in use. Children need adult supervision to be in the workshop.

Major power tools in the workshop are only available to Heartwood Woodworking 
Guild members (table saw, drill press, chop saw, planer, jointer, band saw, 
etc.). The Guild was created for the safe and equitable sharing of those major 
power tools. It is open to anyone who has learned to safely use the Guild tools 
and has paid their Buy-In Fee and Annual Fee.

The Guild Buy-In Fee is roughly equal to your expected number of days using the 
Guild tools per year times $25. So if you expect to use the Guild tools once 
per month, that would be 12 times per year times $25 equals a $300 Buy-In Fee. 
If you pay a Buy-In Fee of $1000 or more, your Annual Fees are waived for life. 
Annual Fees are currently set at $60 per year, due by April 30.

Fees are paid on a per household basis, but everyone in the household wanting 
to be in the Guild must complete tool safety training.

Please contact a current Guild member if you're interested in joining. Current 
Guild members are Mac, Ronda & Jack, Patrick, Dick, Scott F, and Scott K.

Non-commercial use of the workshop by members is free. Commercial use of the 
workshop by members doing work for members is also free. Commercial use of the 
workshop by members doing work for non-members costs $2 per hour. Commercial 
use of the workshop by non-members doing work for non-members costs from $2 - 
$5 per hour. See our Private Use of Community Resources Compensation Guidelines 
for complete details. Please pay workshop use fees to the HOA bookkeeper.

Thoroughly clean up after yourself.

Reset heaters to 45º when workshop is not in use.


Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing
Southwest Colorado

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>> Our workshop is locked to protect children, R rated videos, and alcohol, but 
>> all the adults have keys. Many just use it to borrow tools. And sometimes 
>> sign them out. We’ve never had any accidents but we don’t have a table saw 
>> either.
> I would add that we have several thousand dollars invested in handtools and 
> things like bike repair stands, small electric drills and screwdrivers. And 
> enough nails and screws of all sizes. It is very well equipped. We could 
> build a house.
> Sharon
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