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>Pamela Biery <pam.thumbler [at]> wrote on Cohousing-L :
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>Between 1972 and 1980 only 12 cohousing projects were built in Denmark.
>Then a film was made and cohousing doubled in a single year and continued
>to double every year. Today there are over 500 in a country of 5M. Please
>donate ...
>Charles Durrett with John de Graaf film director and Doug Stanley,
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Hi Pam,

We contributed.

The suggestion that the Danish film was a big factor in the increase in
amount of cohousing built in Denmark is clever.  Is there any evidence
that it was a significant factor?  Surely it helped, but how much? How
was the film distributed in Denmark?  How many people viewed it?

There have been other factors since 1980, like the Internet,
for example and just time.  (It takes time for societal change.)

(If Danish cohousing had really "continued to double every year", by
my calculation:
after 6 years there would be 768 communities ... and
after 39 years there would be about 6,597,069,767,000
communities (12 x 2 to the 39th power). Be careful about making
extordinary claims.  Unrealistic expectations can backfire.

( BTW there were only 15 communities established in the US before 1993.
Then Cohousing-L was established in 1993 and 145+ communites have
been established in the last 26 years :)

How will the film be distributed?

Fred Olson (manager, Cohousing-L - )
Becca Brackett (organizer, Bassett Creek Cohousing -

BTW2 Pam, say hi to John for us who we knew in Minneapolis around 1980 (FLA).

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