Re: Fw: 2020 Annual Conference: Presentation Proposals Wanted!
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 07:04:57 -0700 (PDT)
First, as list manager, my apologies for the ugly forwarded message
(to which this is a reply)
It is the result of forwarding a message with tracking URLs
to a text only facility like Cohousing-L.
Not familiar with tracking URLs ?  See my 02-20-2017 blog entry:
"Wide spread stealthy privacy invasion by nonprofit orgs - Tracking URLs"

Ann Lehman forwarded a forwarded message from Sarabelle Hitchner who wrote:
(Is Sarabelle a cohousing community member, I guess?)

>In case anyone is looking for another national audience to woo with
>cohousing...  The operational/governance differences in traditional HOAs
>and "traditional" cohousing communities is striking.  HOA residents at our
>CAI luncheons here in Portland can't believe we have 27 Board members, for
>example, and that anyone attends the meetings.  After all, THEY can't get
>anyone to THEIR meetings!  Self management --- what's that? --

The forwarded message included "ugly" info about the CAI annual conference
Here is a link to conference web page:

About "CAI" (Community Associations Institute)
> CAI is an international membership organization dedicated to building
> better communities.

It appears that there members are mostly HOA's (Homeowners Assoc).

Sharon Villines (and others) have written about CAI on cohousing-L

A couple excerpts

>Fabulous free resource -- a fact book for homeowner associations. PDFs. Third
>one contains links to individual state condo/community laws. Also covers every
>topic you can think of related to managing a community.

>Even with the conservative command-and-control attitude the information is
>excellent and covers legal issues very well. Insurance, liability, fiduciary
>abuse, legislation, etc.

I browsed their web site and came across a blog entry about speeding on
community roads that had a few examples:

>Bent Tree Community Association, a self-contained, gated community of
>1,200 homes about an hour north of Atlanta ... 55 miles of roads

>Dunes West Property Owners Association in Mount Pleasant, S.C. ...
>33 miles of tree-lined roads and 100 named streets.

Some of their members are a very different scale than cohousing communities.
I don't know if these are typical.


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