WebChat Oct 17 - Working Effectively with Especally Challenging Behaviors
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Hello everyone,

Thursday evening, Oct. 17 is my WebChat for Coho/US, my second try at
presenting the topic, Working Effectively with Especially Challenging
Behaviors. This time I have super-fast Internet so it should work fine
and be easy to hear and participate with your comments.  (The topic is
not about four different especially challenging kinds of behaviors, as
described previously, but just one set of interrelated behaviors —
those I believe are the most challenging in a community setting.)

Sometimes some community members do two or three or more of these
behaviors, unfortunately triggering suffering, emotional pain, and
conflict for other individual community members as well as for the
whole group.

The first half-hour of the WebChat will be a description of this
cluster of behaviors and examples how some people have manifested in
them in various intentional communities, including in cohousing. No
names of individual people or communities will be used, of course.

The first half hour will show how learning more about these behaviors
can help you and your community create more peace and stability for
yourself personally, limit the ability of someone with these behaviors
to trigger emotional pain in yourself and others, and reduce the kinds
of community-wide conflict that can result.

The second half-hour is for the comments and questions of

This is the most controversial topic of any I have presented in
workshops or webinars so far, as it is a different perspective that
most community consultants advise about working with these and other
challenging behaviors. In my view, working effectively with people who
do these behaviors requires learning more about the behaviors, and
then knowing what to expect and what to do -- and what not to expect
or do. Handouts will be available for WebChat participants.

My background for this topic comes from my work as a community
consultant, and workshop, webinar, and conference presenter for
cohousing and other kinds of intentional communities since the early
2000s; researching and writing Creating a Life Together: Practical
Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Other Intentional Communities; and
living in community for 15 years.  Although my own community is not
cohousing -- the interpersonal issues are the same!

The WebChat time is 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, and 8pm
Eastern. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/202941610

Karen Gimnig of Coho/US is the host.

The WebChat will be recorded and available to watch later on the
Coho/US website.

I hope you will join us.

Diana Leafe Christian

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