Dealing with sensitive issues
From: Marcia Zuckerman (
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2019 04:54:37 -0700 (PDT)
In my community, Bay State Commons, we have been working hard on building 
community as we get ready to build a 30-unit project in Malden, MA, near 
Boston.  Early on, we realized that dealing with difficult feelings would be 
important to making the best decisions and maintaining harmony.   A number of 
us were lucky enough to attend a workshop with Karen Gimnig at the Northeast 
Regional Cohousing Conference, and we have hired her as a consultant.  

Karen can do workshops, facilitate meetings, and consult over time.  We have 
had a number of workshops in which we’ve learned important skills in listening, 
empathizing with, and validating others.  Many skeptics in our group have come 
to feel that it’s worthwhile work.  Recently Karen facilitated an extended 
meeting on the topic of affordability, which engenders many interpretations and 
feelings.  We were able to learn more about each other and about the range of 
feelings on the topic.  There’s plenty of hard work left, but Karen got us 
thinking and communicating constructively.  I heartily recommend her services.

Karen’s website is <>.

-Marcia Zuckerman
 Bay State Commons

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