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My this is a hot topic LOL!
I am in total agreement with regard to no dogs in the common house. That
said, I own two and have been running my own dog [people really] training
business for 25 years. Mine are reasonably well behaved and very well
managed. They do the sport of K9 Nose Work so enrichment is in their lives.
Good management means I can leave them behind when I go places where it is
not appropriate for them to be, for what ever reasons. There are far too
many dog owners with 'my dog is the exception' beliefs. Believe me, I have
seen it all.
Another thing I want to point out is that it is far too easy these days to
say your dog is a service dog when they really don't fit the criteria. And
far too many misconceptions about the criteria. This link will take you to
a site with good explanations/education about service dogs.

*Stay amazed, Be Kind,*
Best Regards,

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