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I have some questions that I would love folks to consider around the issue
of inclusion when it comes to dogs in communities.

Why are dogs treated like property?  And could it become ok to treat them
as individuals?  My understanding of US law is that children are also
treated as property.

If dog's dander creates allergies, could this be addressed in ways that
don't punish the dog and his or her person, or the person who is allergic?

If some dogs are somehow disruptive, can this be addressed the same way it
would be if a different member of a family was creating the disruption?

If people don't like or are afraid of a dog, is it possible to address that
all dogs are not the same?  Replace the word dog with the word child and
see how that changes.  Is it really that different?  If so, what makes it

I am really seriously asking these questions here.  Because I so long for
us human animals to remember that we are all equal parts of the universe.
We are all animals.  Dogs have lived with us since the beginning of time.
And we treat them as objects when we lump all dogs together and make rules
pertaining to entire species rather than individual behaviors or

How can we make sure we as much as possible care for all needs?

Personally, I would want to live in a place where all needs are considered
equally, including the needs of non human animals.

Thanks for the opportunity to share what's important to me.  Please
consider Mark Beckhof as a source of info about dogs and humans.

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