Next Thursday, Oct 17, WebChat, "Working Effectively with Especially Challenging Behaviors"
From: Diana Leafe Christian (
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 06:28:52 -0700 (PDT)
        The live WebChat, “Working Effectively with Especially Challenging 
Behaviors," is this coming Thursday, Oct. 17. It’s hosted by Coho/US and 
there's no charge.
        In the WebChat I’ll suggest time-tested, doable suggestions for when 
one or more people in the community sometimes say or do baffling, hurtful, 
conflict-triggering behaviors. Behaviors which may have continued for years — 
and nothing that anyone or the whole community has tried has seemed to make a 
        It's not about inducing the person to understand their behaviors better 
or change them; holding in talking-stick, heart circles, mediations; or using 
Nonviolent Community language. It's not about the community’s decision-making 
and governance method.
         Rather, it’s about what you can do to empower yourself and experience 
more peacefulness. Things a group of friends and neighbors can do together for 
mutual empowerment, or which the community itself can do to reduce 
whole-community conflict arising from these behaviors. 
        I learned this from years of observing these behaviors directly in my 
own and other communities, and more recently from an intensive, formal study of 
these behaviors. I did this to understand community life better, help myself 
and my friends in my own community, and help people in communities where I do 
consultations. These suggestions are quite different from those made about most 
community consultants in relation to these kinds of community behaviors and 
this kind of community conflict.
        The WebChat is from 5-6 Pacific Time, 6-7 Mountain Time, 7-8 Central 
time, and 8-9pm Eastern Time. The Zoom link is
        I’ll do this with a super-fast Internet connection at a friend's house 
in Asheville. Coho/US president Karin Hoskin will host the session. The WebChat 
will be recorded and available later on the Coho/US website.
        If this interests you, please do join us next Thursday evening.
        Diana Leafe Christian

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